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John Mottershead

John Mottershead has BSc and PhD degrees from Wolverhampton Polytechnic and his DEng degree was awarded by the University of Liverpool, where he is the Alexander Elder Professor in Applied Mechanics.  His research interests include FE model updating, image processing of full-field vibration data, active vibration control and aero-servo-elasticity. He has published over 300 papers in international journals and conference proceeding and his industrial collaborations include, from the motor industry BMW, Fiat, Ford and Peugot-Citroen, and from the aerospace industries AgustaWestland Helicopters, Airbus UK and Rolls-Royce. He is Editor in Chief of Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (from January 2015).     

Perspectives on Model Updating

Deterministic Model Updating using classical output sensitivities is based on iterative parameter correction by successive linearisation until model predictions converge upon measured data. This approach, now well established and widely used in industry, will be briefly reviewed and illustrated by the application to an Agusta-Westland Lynx helicopter.  Stochastic Model Updating generally requires large numbers of deterministic calculations using large FE models. This leads to an expensive computation, which can be reduced by the use of a meta-model, trained to closely reproduce the behaviour of the FE model.  Probabilistic, interval and fuzzy approaches will be described, including local (classical linearisation) and global sensitivity (by analysis of variance). Applications include the DLR AIRMOD structure.